If you’re in the Challenge house for Season 30, revenge is a dish best served dirty.
On tonight’s episode of The Challenge: XXX, the veterans quickly collected evidence that Cory was intent on eliminating the game’s toughest competitors. As part of Cory’s victory in the Purge’s final leg, he had the power to eliminate three players and shocked the hell out of his opponents when he announced five-time winner Darrell was one.
This, Bananas observed, was clear proof that Cory would drop the guillotine on the vets each time he could.
“By sending Darrell home, I put a target on my back,” Cory admitted.
But at the mission, Bananas got a chance to stage a powerful counterstrike.
In Cool Under Fire, TJ challenged the competitors to perform a very simple task: Sit on a narrow beam for as long as they could as it slowly rotated forward toward the water below. Of course, there was a twist — the game would be divided in two heats, and the men and women who were on the sidelines for each round had the opportunity to slingshot tomatoes at their opponents.
The winning two men and two women from each heat would form a victors’ circle, TJ announced, and would decide which guy and girl from the crop of non-winners would be sentenced into the coming elimination round.
And — wouldn’t you know it — Challenge emblems Derrick K., Bananas and CT eventually found themselves in power positions alongside Nelson, who rounded out the group of male victors. And they were still pissed.
“What [Cory] did was basically lay out all his cards, basically saying, ‘I don’t want to run against this guy in the final because he’s strong,'” Bananas said. “So what that tells me is if he gets a chance to take a shot at one of us, he’s going to.”
“Cory set the tone,” Leroy echoed. “He basically admitted ‘You know what? I don’t want to go against the best people in the final, and I want to make the easiest way for me to win money.’ I think that’s a great idea, but it’s not a great idea to say it out loud.”
Decisively (only Nelson couldn’t bring himself to go with the majority), the winning guys decided to sever Cory’s upper hand and voted him into the elimination round. Cory admitted he planned to survive so that he could continue to execute his Vet Hit List, but will he survive the looming elimination round and even get a chance?
What do you think: Can Cory weather the storm that’s coming, and will he outlast the likes of Bananas and Derrick? Or should he be shaking in his boots, and is it only a matter of time before someone like CT bounces him from the game? Share your thoughts, and see how this all shakes out next Tuesday at 9/8c!